Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rice, healthy food par excellence

It is the staple food in Asia and they hold the record for longevity ... So it is time that Europeans enjoy the benefits of slow carbohydrate and integrates well with their meals more often!Rice
Rice is, after wheat, the staple food of most important to man. It grows in tropical regions, usually under water in rice fields, but sometimes on dry land. Usually gives two rice crops a year.
This food is surrounded by legends and symbolicThe old beliefs demonstrate the mystical powers of rice and result in many rituals. Thus, to purify the land before building a house we proceed to the scattering of rice grains to drive evil spirits.
The important role that rice plays in the dishes served at weddings and funerals is because the rice would make possible the renaissance.
It was once thought that rice balls cooked - transported from ancient times as a snack and still popular today with hikers and travelers - offers powerful spiritual forces and symbolized the form of the soul, so rice balls are often placed on altars in shrines and personal as offerings to the gods ...Rice
The structure of rice is similar to that of wheat. When the husks in the door and the vanant handmade, there is much of thiamine and other B vitamins in the grain, but much of vitamins can be lost when the rice is washed.
Repeated polishing mills Trade also removes much of the vitamins. Therefore it is better to eat brown rice.Moreover, if the grain of rice is soaked and boiled before being ground, a significant amount of vitamins is transferred to the inner starchy and grain.Rice contains less protein than other cereals but they are better quality.
Rice helps to fight dehydration story: The white rice starch has the property to reduce water loss from the body. Water white rice is often used in Asian countries to rehydrate. If you have bowel fragile, white rice is perfect.
White rice is a grain very soft in the gut, because after digestion, this cereal does not leave much residue.For those who do not have bowel problems, it preferable to replace white rice with brown rice. And why not try basmati rice?Rice
There is evidence that eating more whole grains may help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood clotting. Increased consumption may improve control of blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes, which also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
A high intake of whole grains helps in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight (other cardiovascular benefit) by helping you feel full longer. So bashing brown rice and wild rice - technically, this is not really rice but the seed of an aquatic plant. Delicious alone or mixed with brown or white rice.
Be aware that scientific discoveries have shown that the rice was a source of food almost perfect, with an ideal balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The germ and bran, though often removed during polishing, are rich in vitamins (especially B1), minerals, fiber and enzymes.
Such discoveries helped to renew interest in the rice as a key to a healthy diet.Rice
Small simple recipe for enjoying a good bowl of rice:

Rice thousand flavors (2 persons):



a can of crab meat
an onion
3.  a bell pepper (red or yellow) mint
a cup of rice

Cook rice in water
In a skillet cook onion and bell pepper in very little oil
Add rice, crab and chopped mint leaves

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